Beauty And Purpose

Beauty and Purpose at Park Springs

With the support of her Park Springs care team, Ruth, a lifelong gardener and Member living with dementia, continues to garden, adding purpose and beauty to her days.

Daily Life

  • Marsha, Ruth’s care partner, asks Ruth what she feels like doing this morning. She offers a few choices—gardening or working on a joint photo album. Ruth excitedly chooses to garden.
  • Marsha engages Ruth as they garden, getting her views on the best mix of colors for a bed of annuals.
  • Like other pursuits in the Household, gardening is an authentic and meaningful pastime.
  • During these moments Marsha is not so much caring for Ruth, as caring about her.

Key Takeaways

  • Ruth’s Care Team elicit responses and preferences from her, building Ruth’s day around them.
  • By supporting Ruth in gardening, Marsha has contributed to Ruth’s sense of achievement.
  • The Team’s energy is directed at Ruth, the person, and Member-inspired rhythms, strengths and abilities.
  • The connection between the Team and the Member is authentic, with mutual respect and learning.
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