Memory Care at Park Springs offers industry leading models of care tempered with the research to assure best practices. Our team experiences extensive staff training as well as low Members-to-staff ratios to ensure that your loved one is safe and receiving consistent support.

We prioritize relationships. Our Care Givers quickly grow to be part of the family as they help to care for loved ones. We believe in knowing our Member’s history, and the power that grants in helping give dignity to those experiencing memory decline. Whereever your loved one is in their journey, our Care Partners can relate to them in a comforting, familiar way because of the relationship built.

Park Springs Memory Care practices the Spirit Culture of care. This is an environment that offers feelings-focused, emotion-based care that awakens the inner happiness of every individual in the Household.

Using this revolutionary model, our Memory Care is thoughtfully designed for people with Alzheimer’s, other forms of dementia, and brain injuries. Surrounded by the warmth and comforts of home, Members thrive in a setting rooted in compassion and engagement with life.

With the support of emotionally intelligent Care Partners and Homemakers, our Spirit Culture changes lives for the better, and we have the results to prove it.

Before he was really not engaging in life. Now, when I walk in, he’s smiling, he’s happy, he’s put on weight. You can tell he’s thriving.

– Stacy T, Member’s daughter



Memory Care Members at Park Springs live an active and engaging lifestyle. A variety of activities, art classes, lectures, games, and fitness classes are offered daily, giving Members options for their daily routines. Below are a few examples of what Members experience at Park Springs.

Recreational Games

(Coastal Living Room)

Our fitness staff leads recreational games that combine fun and exercise for Members.

Craft Time

(Coastal Dining Room)

Led by our art team, Members create seasonal crafts in a group setting.

Delighted Discussions

(Meadow Living Room)

Members get to know their neighbors in this fun and educational discussion group.

Reflections on Life

(Coastal Living Area)

Members are provided an opportunity to reflect and discuss how our actions determine our experiences in life.

Sweat & Flex

Members can start their day with exercise.

Cornerstone Fellowship

All members of Park Springs are invited to tune in for a time of worship, singing, and praise


Memory Care is multifaceted. There can be varying degrees of need between early and advanced memory loss, and therefore good and effective Memory Care offers individualized solutions. In order to provide the best care for your loved one, Park Springs has two Memory Care households separated by level of need.


Park Springs Memory Care is in our Pebblebrook neighborhood. At Pebblebrook, we know that increasing quality of life is about more than just supporting a person’s healthcare needs. That’s why we’ve designed a community that empowers Members to live well in an intimate, personalized setting.

In this environment, you’ll discover an easygoing rhythm. Forget calendars and meal plans. You decide what you do, where you go, and even when and what you eat.

No Up Front Entry Fee Or Buy In Required
No Up Front Entry Fee
Or Buy In Required


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