On-Site Wellness Clinic, Full-time Geriatrician at Park Springs

On-Site Wellness Clinic, Full-time Geriatrician at Park Springs

geriatricianA major benefit of living at Park Springs, Atlanta’s premier campus-style retirement community, is that all Members have access to the Continuing Care Retirement Community’s on-site wellness clinic, directed by Park Springs’s own full-time, board-certified geriatricians. From questions about symptoms to immediate first-aid care, the Park Springs Wellness Clinic is available to all Members regardless of their primary care physician.

Our geriatricians supervise the Park Springs Wellness Clinic, including triage and walk-ins. The Clinic provides convenient, comprehensive senior care, handles routine office visits and lab work, teaches health classes and disease prevention, and gives blood pressure and immunization clinics.

Our doctors strongly believes in aggressive maintenance and preventive care, the importance of annual check-ups and diligent medication tracking – all major issues for the Members at Park Springs.

“If I can give one piece of advice to anyone considering moving to Park Springs, it is: Don’t move in too late. Move now, while you’re still in relatively good health, and let us help you live your best years. Where else will you find this kind of dedicated medical support to be well and stay well?”

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