Healthy New Year’s Resolutions


Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

The start of a new year and a new decade calls for a celebration! And, it also begs the question “how can I make this year, this decade, even better than the last?” There are a number of ways this can be accomplished here at Park Springs, one of which is taking on some health-oriented resolutions. I am going to suggest 3 easy resolutions that we can all take on this year that will help to make each day better and healthier.

1) Exercise 10 minutes every day
Staying active is a core component of healthy aging. Harvard Health Publications recommends committing 10 minutes a day to exercise, with a gradual increase as it becomes habitual. Maybe that means walking the Park Springs trails, using the equipment at our comprehensive fitness center, or joining our water aerobics program. Whatever appeals most to you that will lead to consistent exercise.
2) Volunteer!
Volunteering has a number of benefits for our health. It connects us with like-minded individuals, helps to bring fulfillment to our time, and allows us to keep involved with our community at large. Park Springs has several groups like the Green Team who volunteer to make our community better, and there are also plenty of local organizations who would value your help.
3) Revisit an old hobby
Hobbies help us to relax, can keep our minds sharp, and are a great way to connect with others. Do you love choir but have had to focus on other priorities in the past? Join one of the many Park Springs choirs today! Now is the opportunity to hone old hobbies or try out new ones (Bocce Ball, anyone?) that will keep you engaged and motivated to learn and do more, ultimately promoting an active lifestyle. And Park Springs has a number of interest groups that will connect you to people with similar interests.

There are plenty of ways for us to stay healthy, and these are just 3 potential resolutions to try this year. At Park Springs we value the health of our Members and have structured our community long term physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. What are your resolutions this year? Let us know on the Park Springs Facebook page!

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