In Love and War: Park Springs Couple Finds Love during WWII

Some would think we were telling a story from a movie, but the life of Howard and Rita Dean actually happened. Howard was a soldier in the US Army during WWII. He was stationed in the Philippines and Japan for more than 4 years. He was classified as a radar officer with the Electronis Training Group. When the war ended he worked as part of an operation to get the remaining troops and equipment back to the US. This is where he first saw Rita, only 17 at the time. It was ‘love at first sight.’

While working they grew closer together. After a short courtship, the couple got married, however only three months later Howard became very ill and was forced to return to the states or risk chance of death. After three months of being apart, together only through letters, Rita began her journey to the US to be with her new husband again. The trip took her almost 30 days, by boat and by train from the Philippines to Atlanta. When she arrived she was happy but nervous to meet Howard’s family for the first time.

Decades later the couple is still happily together and decided to move to Park Springs. One year after moving here Howard suffered a stroke, but thanks to the amazing rehabilitation and assisted living facilities in Atlanta. The couple has been enjoying life and all of the fun activities and amenities Park Springs Atlanta retirement community has to offer.