Return of Capital Plan vs. Rental Fee Communities

When you move to Park Springs, you are making an investment. You are investing in yourself, you are investing in the community, and you are ultimately investing in a worry-free future. Plus, that investment is 90% refundable.

Park Springs provides the level of amenities and quality of care that it does because we ask a one-time Entrance Fee investment of our Members. This Entrance Fee secures a residence in our community while avoiding ownership expenses, and actually helps lower the monthly fees associated with services (like home maintenance, healthcare, amenities, etc.). The best part is that this investment into the community is 90% refundable which maintains the estate of the Member.

For the planners, this Entrance Fee is a great way to have peace of mind in several facets. 1) You have better estate planning through a 90% Return of Capital. 2) Your investment in Park Springs allows us to have a fully staffed wellness clinic lead by a full-time Geriatric Physician and Nurse Practitioner. This means that families get to stay together without worry as Members move through the continuum of care. And, since we offer Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Skilled Nursing on site, there will be no sudden, difficult moves creating separation between loved ones.

Park Springs is more than just residences tucked away in a building. It’s a lifestyle, and it’s the lifestyle you deserve. By investing in Park Springs you invest in 61-acres of resort-style living and a truly complete continuum of care, all in the same community. Where else can you find what Park Springs offers at the level we offer it?

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