at Park Springs

Our Golf View Homes are classically designed with the look and feel of a historic neighborhood.

Bordered by Stone Mountain Park’s golf courses, Members enjoy beautiful golf and lake views, with private access to the Park through our own secure gate.

Golf View Home Features:

  • Airy interior with two or three bedrooms
  • 1,700 to 2,100 square feet
  • Large front porch
  • Full basement
  • 2-car garage
  • Screened back porch and landscaped back yard

Golf View Homes

FloorplanBeds/BathsSquare FeetEntrance Fee RangeMonthly Fee:
Single Occupancy
Monthly Fee:
Double Occupancy
A-1 - Juliette2 / 2.51703See Residency Counselor$4,570 $6,106 VIEW
A-2 - Oconee3 / 2.51,893See Residency Counselor$4,570 $6,106 VIEW
A-3 - Sinclair3 / 2.51,945See Residency Counselor$4,570 $6,106 VIEW
A-4 - Rabun3 / 2.52,086See Residency Counselor$4,570 $6,106 VIEW
B-1 - Berkley3 / 21,661See Residency Counselor$4,324 $5,860 VIEW
B-2 - Chatuge3 / 2.51,729See Residency Counselor$4,324 $5,860 VIEW
B-3 - Burton3 / 21,909See Residency Counselor$4,324 $5,860 VIEW
B-4 - Hartwell3 / 2.52,117See Residency Counselor$4,324 $5,860 VIEW

Golf View Homes

FloorplanSquare FeetDetails
A-1 - Juliette1703VIEW
A-2 - Oconee1,893VIEW
A-3 - Sinclair1,945VIEW
A-4 - Rabun2,086VIEW
B-1 - Berkley1,661VIEW
B-2 - Chatuge1,729VIEW
B-3 - Burton1,909VIEW
B-4 - Hartwell2,117VIEW


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