That’s why we have a dedicated Move Manager who will make this the easiest move you have ever had.

1. Move Consultation
  • Our Move Manage will come to your current home and assist with downsizing, choosing an estate sale organizer, and selecting charities to donate to.
2. Custom Plan
  • He will provide a custom furniture layout plan showing you just where all your furniture will fit.
3. Movers
  • We will work with a moving company specializing in senior moves, to pack, move, and unpack everything in your new Park Springs home.
4. We Unpack While You Relax
  • We’ll deal with the hassle of moving and unpacking while you begin meeting new friends at Park Springs while staying in one of our Guest Suites for a few nights until your home is ready.

*Fees and service costs may apply. Speak with our New Member Coordinator about your specific needs.

They recommended a moving company. They did everything from moving me in, putting all the dishes in the cabinets, putting all the pictures up, putting all of the knick-knacks around. It was fantastic. It was a very, very easy move and it was all orchestrated by the people here at Park Springs

– Doug B.


10 Tips for Downsizing

  1. Create a schedule that spreads tasks out over a month so you don’t become overwhelmed.
  2. Focus on one task a day — cleaning the junk drawer, organizing the linen closet, getting rid of shoes you no longer wear, or decluttering two kitchen cabinets.
  3. Don’t keep things because you used to do something with them. Think about your future lifestyle and the items that will be helpful to you in pursuing your current interests.
  4. Take your time, incorporate your family members, and relive the memories. Then decide if you will give that item to a family member, or donate it to another family to create memories.

  1. Make room for what’s important. If you can’t imagine giving up your book collection, consider having built-in bookcases installed in your new home. If you play the piano daily, perhaps the sunroom in your future home can become a music room.
  2. Consider digitizing paperwork and old photos and videos, which can take up a lot of space. There are services that help with this process.
  3. Don’t get pulled into side projects. For example, if you take donation items to the garage, don’t stop to organize other items in that area. Save the next task for another day.

  1. Don’t forget to schedule days for stopping and starting utilities, changing your address on subscriptions, and getting your medical records transferred, if necessary./li>
  2. Have a small suitcase that you pack with everything you’ll need in the first day or two after moving to a new home — a change of clothes, medications, toiletries, etc. — so you can easily locate these items.
  3. Make a folder or binder of all essential moving documents with key contact information, and keep it with you.


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