Jacqueline Hurt: Revolutionizing Care through Compassionate Training

Jacquie Hurt: Revolutionizing Care through Compassionate Training

Jacqueline Hurt: Revolutionizing Care through Compassionate Training

As an associate of Park Spring for the past 6 years and a 30-year veteran of the industry, Jacqueline’s career in senior care was inspired by her affinity for older adults and her experiences caring for her own loved ones.

“I felt like I wanted to be around elders because of the stories they share and the wisdom that they have,” Jacqueline says. “And I want to ensure that other people’s loved ones are safe like I was able to do for my family.”

Jacqueline’s role at Park Springs is to implement staff training which prepares every team member to fully embrace our innovative model of person-directed care.

She and her team have developed a training program called Spirit training. This program teaches staff how to build relationships with Members and provides them with the tools they need to break down barriers and cultivate vulnerability––so they can really get to know one another and each Member.

“Spirit training builds on our staff’s emotional intelligence and helps them understand their own emotions,” Jacqueline says. “After all, we have to understand our own emotions to understand the emotions of those living in our care.”

An essential element that makes Park Springs Spirit training so different are the metrics behind it. Staff are not evaluated by how many tasks they have completed. Their performance is relationship-driven.

“At Park Springs, Members are not just another number on a chart, but rather individuals with unique needs, wishes, and life stories. Our person-directed model of care brings Members’ wishes to the surface, rather than imposing an institutional way of caring for people. This model allows Members to sleep in, have breakfast at any time, and come and go as they please.”

“The level of engagement and involvement with Members is high because the staff focuses on the individual and not just on tasks.”Jacqueline’s says one of the things that reinvigorated her career was the way interactions with Members are so different from what is commonly seen in senior care. And it’s why she loves coming to work every day.“In the quiet times, when I’m working in my office, Members come in and they sit with me,” she says. “We’ll have a cup of tea or coffee, maybe have snacks, they’ll sit and they’ll talk, we’ll go for walks together. It’s just like a normal family day.”

“And I love every minute of it!”

To see our well-trained staff in action and understand the Park Springs’ difference, schedule your in-person visit today.

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