Joan Kurucz & the Luxury of Taking the Time to Decide

Joan Kurucz & the Luxury of Taking the Time to Decide

DSC00090It took two years for Joan Kurucz, and many visits to a number of retirement and multi-family communities throughout the Southeast, to decide to move to Park Springs right outside Atlanta.

Joan and her husband, whom she lost too young to pancreatic cancer, had lived the active and unique ‘boating lifestyle’ in Miami where they had lived almost half their lives. They were members of two boating clubs, and their life centered on their home and their boat. “We loved being out on the water whenever we could,” Joan, a retired Special Education elementary and middle school teacher, smiles.

“Deciding to move from my 1,600 sq. ft. townhome to Park Springs turned out to be a two year process. I took my time because I had no pressing need,” she recalls. “However, the reality of finding the right place to live in my later years hit me over the head when my next-door neighbor fell and broke her hip – and I saw first-hand how that fall changed her life. I knew that I had to make a lifestyle change, for me and for my daughters, two who live in Boca Raton and one in Atlanta.”

DSC00081During her ‘discovery’ period, Mrs. Kurucz came out to Park Springs and stayed overnight twice. She also checked out various rental places in Palm Beach and Boca Raton, but she says, “…every time I visited Park Springs, I was impressed by the flexibility, the various options, the programs, the cleanliness, the people and the food. Really, the food here is incredible. I can cook … but I don’t have to!”

DSC00084She and her two cats moved into a bright one-bedroom home on the second floor of the 3000 Building. Her sunroom / patio overlooks the peaceful courtyard, and her feeders in the large tree outside her balcony attract a variety of songbirds, including one not-so-smart cardinal who picks at his reflection in the glass door every day. “I love the patio and the openness of my home.”

Mrs. Kurucz’s home reflects her love of the sea and bright blue skies. A large mirror framed by seashells is one of the focal points in her living room.

Since moving here, she has dived into life at Park Springs. She is a member of the water volleyball team, enjoys going to the Atlanta Symphony or the Aurora Theater with new friends. Her love for playing bridge continues: she enjoys her new Duplicate Bridge group.

She works out every other day in the Fitness Center, where Reggie, the Fitness Center Manager, has set up a program tailored to her needs. “I just asked him to make it tougher and focus on my balancing skills,” says Mrs. Kurucz, who is fit and trim.

“Everything you want to do is here – except pickleball, but I am looking into it. Park Springs encourages Member driven-activities – so maybe we can build a pickleball court here soon!”

For new Members like her, Park Springs’ “Good Neighbor” program really works. ”I was assigned to one person who is very friendly, and I immediately had someone to have dinner with,” says Mrs. Kurucz.

“Sure, the move was hard. I had to change everything – doctors, insurance, favorite places to shop – and it was hard to leave my friends at our two boating clubs. But the lovely surprise about moving to Park Springs has been the friendliness of the people who live here. I am so happy with my decision.”

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