Keep Moving in Atlanta Senior Living with Park Springs Sports Clubs

Keep Moving in Atlanta Senior Living with Park Springs Sports Clubs

Staying active is a great way for seniors to stay healthy. Park Springs has many opportunities for members to exercise and get involved with a variety of member activities. Our sports clubs offer a wide range of options for members to be active and healthy. Check out some of the things happening at Park Springs and the benefits of staying active during retirement.

Sports Clubs at Park Springs
Park Springs offers a variety of ways for members to participate in the sports they enjoy. The water volleyball club is a popular choice. It offers a great way to stay in shape, keep your skills up and meet some fellow community members. The Wii bowling club is a newer addition that meets every week in the game room. Members can come enjoy the company of friends and neighbors while competing in a friendly virtual bowing match.

Many of the sports clubs at Park Springs give members the opportunity to go outside and experience the beautiful Georgia weather. The golf club is a great way for members to get outdoors and enjoy the company of new friends out on the green. The hiking club is a fun way to stay active and explore more of the surrounding area. For those who are just starting out, the walking club meets weekly to take walks around the Park Springs campus. This is another great opportunity to meet new friends while staying active during Atlanta senior living.

Retirement is the perfect time to try out something new. Tai-Chi and yoga classes are offered weekly at Park Springs. All skill levels are welcome and all members are encouraged to try out these relaxing and energizing classes. The dance club is another great opportunity to learn something new. Try out ballroom dancing, line dancing and round dancing to see which style you enjoy most.

Health Benefits of Staying Active
There are many advantages to staying active during retirement. The most immediately noticeable benefit is that those who exercise have more energy for other daily activities. Exercise also promotes better sleeping habits. Being more active each day can allow seniors to feel more energetic during the day, and get a full nights rest every evening.

Staying physically active has also been proven to reduce stress, improve your overall mood and protect against injury. Regular exercise helps to strengthen muscles and bones. This can help prevent injury during other daily activities. Strong muscles and bones will help increase stability, making it easier to continue doing the things you love.

There are other advantages to exercise that you may not see or feel immediately. Regular exercise lowers blood pressure, something that many seniors monitor and use as a measure of health. Exercise lowers the risk of many other health issues such as heart disease, heart attack and some cancers.

Stay Healthy at Park Springs
Parks Springs encourages all of its members to try something new to get involved and stay active. Enjoy all of the advantages of Atlanta senior living by joining one of our many sports clubs. If you don’t find one that sparks your interest, all members are invited to start a new club. We welcome any new ideas to help our members say active and enjoy retirement. For more information about Park Springs and all of the activities offered here, call us today at (678) 684-3300.

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