Larry Corbett’s Story: Unexpected Gifts While Living at Park Springs

Larry Corbett’s Story: Unexpected Gifts While Living at Park Springs

In 2007, Larry Corbett, one of the Members at Park Springs CCRC, moved from Raleigh, NC to Atlanta to be closer to a daughter who lives in the region.

After a couple of years in Park Springs, his wife developed lymphoma and after an intense illness, passed away.

Of that time, Mr. Corbett says: “Park Springs was the best place to be when that happened. Others who live here have gone through a similar experience, and many made sure that I never ate alone and that I was included in a full social life, and I received much support and invitations to participate in various activities.

“This allowed me to snap back much quicker from my sad loss – something that would not have happened if I had been living in a house in a regular neighborhood, where after a couple of weeks, families would have gone back to their own lives and schedules, without much consideration for a widower. The sense of community is so much stronger here.

“People at Park Springs were thoughtful and comforting, and did not let me sit home alone. Socialization is so important.”

Another benefit of living at Park Springs is access to top medical services, according to Mr. Corbett. The geriatric MD at Park Springs diagnosed and assisted during his wife’s illness, and last year also diagnosed and managed Mr. Corbett’s own heart condition. “I have nothing but complete satisfaction,” he says. “And also, when you move from a different city it is often hard to find a new doctor, and here at Park Springs, there is superb medical support on site. This also makes it easy on my daughter and her family.“

Mr. Corbett is active at Park Springs, and serves on a number of committees. In addition, he works out at the gym and the pool. An electrical engineer with a long career in telecommunications, mainly with Northern Telecom, he is very (“hands-on”) involved with Park Springs’ own TV and computer service, a hobby that gives him a great sense of purpose.

Playing on the volleyball team at Park Springs, Mr. Corbett met a ‘really neat person’ and fell in love again. He and his new wife married a year and a half ago. “Being with charming, engaged, like-minded people, with similar interests and backgrounds, has been terrific.”

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