Life’s Berry, Berry Good!

Life’s Berry, Berry Good!

So, what are antioxidants? Antioxidants are disease-fighting compounds that scientists believe help repair and/or prevent the stress of oxidation, a process that occurs naturally during cell function. This summer, why not ignite your mealtime with the tasty, healthy nutrition of berries.

Here’s how the berries fared individually in terms of the highest antioxidant content – along with a few more benefits thrown in with your good health in mind.

#1 Acai berries
With a synergy of healthy fats, dietary fiber and more, they help promote cardiovascular and digestive health.

#2 Blueberries
Good brain food, scientists have found evidence that they may reverse short-term memory loss.

#3 Cranberries
They help reduce the risk of gum disease, ulcers, urinary tract infections, heart disease and cancer.

#4 Blackberries
Rich in magnesium and vitamin C, they’re also known to help prevent cancer and heart disease.

#5 Raspberries
A potent source of antioxidants, they also reduce inflammation associated with multiple forms of arthritis.

#6 Strawberries
Known to boosts energy levels, they also prevent cancer, and help asthmatics and hay fever sufferers.

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