Living Longer Healthier Lives through Primary Care Prevention

Life Line Screening offers preventive screenings to identify diseases such as stroke, abdominal aortic aneurysm, and peripheral arterial disease. Approximately two years ago, Park Springs offered Life Line Screening services to its members and boasted over 50 participants. Park Springs is aware of the value in providing health screening services to its members in order to enhance one’s quality of life as well as encouraging their ability to become proactive about their own health. Life Line Screening alerts people to illnesses they might not be aware of. Recently a Park Springs resident had Life Line Screening results that revealed very serious findings which perhaps saved them from having a stroke. Due to the increasing volume of chronic illness and cardiovascular disease witnessed in the United States today, members at Park Springs have requested Life Line Screening to return to Park Springs in 2011.  Park Springs members are interested in living longer healthier lives and Park Springs management team is there to support and provide assistance in achieving these goals. We are scheduled to host another Life Line Screening event in the spring and look forward to another successful event!

 Healthfully Yours Shona Alexander Director of Clinical and Home Care Services