Long-time Members Share Their Decision to Move to Park Springs

Long-time Members Share Their Decision to Move to Park Springs

At a get-together with a number of Park Springs Members who had moved into Atlanta’s premier retirement community within a year after it opened in 2004, a sparkling discussion took place about their expectations before moving here, and their experiences of life at Park Springs.

ps-fall-2012-treesMrs. Catherine Levatino, who moved to Park Springs from New York in order to be closer to two of her children, stated quickly that she “never regretted the move. Park Springs has everything that I wanted and more. I found the perfect villa, with the perfect neighbor next door.”

Mrs. Glenda Cowart, her Park Springs neighbor and dear friend, explained that unlike Mrs. Levatino, she did not move very far from her home in the Smokerise neighborhood near Stone Mountain. “Also, it did not take me a long time to make the decision to move to Park Springs. One of my friends, Louise Fawcett, was already here and recommended living here very highly.

“Still, I did my research. I compared my expenses of living in my original home versus the Park Springs monthly fee and for me, it was a wash. I also appreciate the Membership model which benefits my heirs.

“As one of the early Members,” Mrs. Cowart continued, “I found that most everybody pitched in and served on one or more committees. This engagement and enthusiasm created a community right away. We developed a closeness and a sense of belonging that has carried us for many years now.”

She stated that her expectations about life at Park Springs were very well met, and that she and her friends continue to appreciate how well the Management Team at Park Springs listens to the Members.

Mr. George Scheuer shared that he and his late wife Shirley moved here when she showed signs of early onset dementia. “I knew the time would come to place her in a nursing home, and I liked the beauty of Park Springs with its own health center and memory care – no need to travel off campus. I loved it that I could come any time to see her, any day, whenever I wanted to. For us, Park Springs provided solutions to so many challenges that we faced.”

To learn more about living at Park Springs by Isakson Living, or to schedule a personal tour of Park Springs, please contact one of Park Springs’ Residency Counselors at 678-684-3300 or visit our website.

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