Making the Decision to Move to Park Springs

Making the Decision to Move to Park Springs

At Park Springs we understand how important it is to make your own decision – chart your on course. In this video our Members share why they are glad they made the decision to move to Park Springs, Atlanta’s premier resort-style retirement community surrounded by Stone Mountain Park. In addition, our Director of Sales and Marketing, Susan Mahoney also shares her insight about the lifestyle, friendships and maintenance-free homes our Members enjoy.

We can say that people wish they’d moved here sooner, but our Members say it best! Listen in as Members Doug Burns, Marilyn and John Peatman, Linda and Chris Clark and Katrina Shoemaker share their stories of making the decision to move to an enriching new life at Park Springs.

Not sure if you’re ready? Come try it out for a night or two. Get to know how it really feels to live here. We think you’ll be glad you did. Spend the night in our guest villa and see for yourself why Park Springs is the South’s leading retirement community. A sleepover is the best way we know to ‘kick the tires.’ You may also want to kick up your heels while you’re here – take a dance class, or join a spirited game of trivia in the Park Springs Pub. Click here to schedule an overnight stay.

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