Making Your Move Manageable: 3 things you’ll love about our Member Move Manager

Making Your Move Manageable: 3 things you’ll love about our Member Move Manager

Is the stress and emotional aspect of moving holding you or your loved one back from starting an exciting new life at Park Springs? If that’s the case, you are not alone. According to Harvard Health, the thought of making the transition to a new home can bring a host of emotions such as sadness, stress, or anxiety.

At Park Springs, we understand the overwhelming physical, mental, and emotional challenges of moving and we believe that you shouldn’t have to face this monumental task alone. That’s why Joey Adams, our Member Move Manager, is there to come alongside you every step of the way.  Here are three things you’ll love about working with Joey to make a smooth transition to Park Springs:

  1. He makes house calls (to your current home!) – The process begins with a personal in-home consultation to start planning and organizing your move. Joey helps you survey your belongings and develops a customized floorplan to decide where to place your furniture in the new home. Then, he works with you to choose your closing date, move-in date, and the right moving company/transition expert. He also reserves a guest villa at Park Springs where you’ll stay during the move-in process.  Start your new life right away!

  3. He helps you move forward (mentally and emotionally) – There’s a physical aspect to moving, but there’s also an emotional side that you must face. Leaving behind the familiar can often leave you paralyzed by the decision-making process. That’s where Joey’s experience and intuition can be invaluable. “I listen to your concerns and offer solutions based on years of experience with other Members that I’ve worked with in similar situations,” says Joey. “I know how to help you sort through your things and decide what to bring, as well as choose an estate sale organizer and select charities for donating the rest.” With Joey’s guidance, you can overcome any fear of downsizing as he makes a seemingly overwhelming process less daunting.

  5. He springs into action on moving day! – Working with a company that specializes in senior moves, Joey oversees every aspect of packing, moving, and unpacking on your actual moving day. Meanwhile, you can relax and enjoy the first days of your new life at Park Springs in a guest suite as you ease into your new surroundings with no stress. Back in your new home, Joey will be working to hang artwork, install window treatments, and even discard the moving boxes. He’ll also personally oversee your orientation to Park Springs and even help you set up your Comcast equipment, telephone, internet service.

More than anything, Joey is there so you can rest assured that you have a compassionate, reliable resource with you every step of the way. “You are not making this move alone,” says Joey. “I am here to alleviate your stress and any concerns that you have about your transition to Park Springs concerns me! I truly look forward to working with you on this exciting journey to your new ‘happily ever after’ at Park Springs.”

Don’t let the stress of moving keep you from the most exciting retirement destination in the South. Contact us to learn how we can help you make a seamless move to resort-style living at Park Springs today. (Move Manager travel restrictions may apply.)


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