Medicare vs Managed Care

When deciding whether to stay with Medicare or choosing a Managed Care program there are many things to take into consideration.


Medicare A is for hospital and skilled nursing stays while Medicare B is going to cover doctors visits, all modalities of therapy (physical, occupational and speech), durable medical equipment and so on.  Medicare A and B does have a small deductible but does not have an out of pocket amount that must be met.  Most individuals will also have a supplement policy that will cover the coinsurance amount that Medicare does not pay.

A Managed Care policy can also be selected to cover the same things as Medicare but it can be as a considerable cost to the policy holder.  Most Managed Care policies have a larger deductible amount than Medicare and they all have a substantial out of pocket that must be met before they will pay at 100%.   Taking into consideration the deductible and out of pocket expense on a Managed Care plan an individual can easily pay more for the Managed Care plan than the supplemental policy needed if they had Medicare A and B.