Meet Margret, One of Our Members

Park Springs loves to highlight the many aspects of our community that make it a great place to live. Our beautiful 61-acre campus and all its amenities, our comprehensive care and expert staff, and being America’s only Dementia Care Matters certified Butterfly Home are all things that set Park Springs apart. However, what makes us the most proud and thankful here are our Members and what they add to the vibrancy of the community.

One of our newer Members, Margret, is the kind of bright personality that we love to see at Park Springs. She and her husband have been living at our Assisted Living community Cobblestone for a little over 2 months and are already actively involved in what Park Springs has to offer. Margret, born and raised in Georgia, was an English teacher at Grady Highschool next to Piedmont Park in Atlanta for the majority of her career. She is active in Cobblestone and loves to talk with and meet all the other Members in the community.

“We do so many fun things,” Margret said when asked what she enjoys most about Park Springs. Recently, Margret and her friends at Cobblestone took a day trip to the Georgia Aquarium. “We saw some wonderful, different fish,” she remarked. Margret has also enjoyed Cobblestone’s art program led by Yvette Hawkins. Margret likes to highlight the paper butterflies she made in one of Cobblestone’s collectively created art pieces that promotes unity and comradery in our Members. She’s also quite proud of her husband who was awarded “Artist Of The Month” at Cobblestone.

Our goal at Park Springs is to create an environment that will allow our Members to thrive in all stages of retirement. We’re always excited to hear stories of our people cultivating new life experiences in our community and look forward to helping to create these opportunities for every Member in a way that is tailored to their inspirations and desires.