Meet the Members: Dr. Bob Smith

Meet the Members: Dr. Bob Smith

Dr. Bob Smith moved to Park Springs in 2006 after retiring from a career as a vascular surgeon. A self-proclaimed “lifelong learner,” Dr. Smith joined the Men’s Forum, a weekly gathering to drink coffee, discuss current events and career experiences.

Fast forward to today, the Men’s Forum is no longer just for men and Dr. Smith leads it. Dr. Smith organizes conversations that range from the joys of beekeeping to the duties of a nuclear submarine commander. Speakers are comprised of Park Springs Members as well as experts from around the Atlanta area.

“It has been a privilege to learn from both experts and Members who have such informative backgrounds,” said Dr. Smith. “We’ve heard from one Member who was a navigator on the Enola Gay flight to bomb Hiroshima and another who was the officer of the deck on the Battleship Missouri at the signing of the peace treaty that ended World War II.”

When selecting speakers, Dr. Smith says he takes suggestions from Members but also receives tremendous support from the staff in Community Life Services. From scheduling to event logistics, they are always there assist the Forum in any way it needs.

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