Member Tour of Parks Springs Expanded Health Services

This week, while touring our newly expanded health services campus, Members had the opportunity to meet some of Gwinnett County’s finest while learning more about the household model of care we will soon be offering. Opening in June, current Park Springs and newly welcomed Members will have access to one of Georgia’s first, fully-executed household models. Each household will accommodate 18 Members who are empowered to make their own decisions with regard to their day-to-day routine. The Park Springs health center will include six households comprised of two long-term care, one rehabilitation skilled nursing, two assisted living, licensed memory care households and one adult day household. There is also a 3,100 square-foot physical therapy center, serving Members as well as the local area. To learn more about our health services, click here.

Pictured here are Captain Vince Mercadante, Driver Engineer, Leron Lucas and Firefighter, Brent Butler with Park Springs Members, Mr. and Mrs. Gerdes and Mrs. Goldstein.