Members in Motion:
OCT 21, 2020

Members in Motion: October 21, 2020

Members in Motion:
OCT 21, 2020

7 Health Services Highlights from the Week


Members Move with Annie Liu

Allow me to introduce you to Annie Liu., a young lady with a “can do attitude”. Annie is the Health Fitness Specialist at Cobblestone Assisted Living at Park Springs. Annie says “exercise can be invigorating and help build muscle mass at any age.”



Martha’s Wall of Memories

If you take a stroll down the corridors of Garden or Lake Households you can learn a lot about the members who live there. We are going to stop by one of the members on Lake Households wall. The Member’s name is Martha Sheffield.

Martha’s wall memory care

According to Martha’s wall she is a Georgia Master Gardener. An honor which is near and dear to her heart. Martha loves to Garden and is most at home with her hands in potting soil. Martha worked as both a photographer and a music teacher. While she found joy in teaching she soon discovered her true passion was photography. She combined her love of music, teaching and photography in the sixties and went on a whirlwind cross-country trip to a little music concert in Bethel and White Lake New York called Woodstock.

On Martha’s wall you can find pictures of her at every stage of life. Hanging on the wall is her favorite camera. Proudly displayed as well as her gardening hat Displayed with love is her well-deserved certification as a Georgia Master Gardener.

The walls serve a double meaning. They help tell others Martha’s story and they also help Martha hang on to her rich past.


See You In The Funny Papers

Mrs. Elizabeth Carter enjoys ” reading her Newspaper in the Cobblestone Library.She enjoys time spent with friends and neighbors as they share the headlines. Like most of us her favorite section is the comics.

Elizabeth Carter newspaper


Engagement at Pebblebrook Households
Pebblebrook Memory Care Art Projects

Pebblebrook Memory Care Art Projects

Pebblebrook Memory Care members birthday party

Pebblebrook MC members waiting for their chance to shout ”SURPRISE” and sing “ happy birthday.”

Pebblebrook Memory Care members birthday party

Pebblebrook Memory Care Members celebrating a milestone.

Members always available snack

Members taking a walk to the kitchen to find an always available snack.


The Power of Flowers

Mrs. Patricia Hartrampf enjoys time spent arranging flowers. “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” is a popular reference to William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, in which Juliet seems to argue that it dose not matter that Romeo is from her family’s rival house of Montague, but that he is named Montague. The reference is often used to imply that the name of things do not affect what they really are.

Patricia Hartrampf enjoys flowers


Harvest Cocktail Hour
Inger Spieler at Cobblestone Happy Hour

Inger Spieler enjoying Harvest cocktail

Barbara Crenshaw at Happy Hour

Barbara Crenshaw enjoying Long Island Iced Tea


Cobblestone Art Program
Cobblestone Member Artwork

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