Park Springs Presents At National Pioneer Network Conference

Park Springs presented on the Butterfly Home Model of Care at the national Pioneer Network conference. Partnered with the team from Dementia Care Matters, Tim Knight and other Park Springs staff discussed the lifegiving health benefits of being a Butterfly Home. Our work as a Butterfly Home helps return human agency to our Members experiencing dementia or Alzheimer’s. As the first Butterfly Home in the U.S., Park Springs was recently recognized with the honor of being the number 1 accredited Butterfly Home in the world.

The Pioneer Network is the leading national non-profit that is working towards moving eldercare to a place of being person-directed, not system-directed. This is a goal that we wholeheartedly agree with, and believe that our models of care truly speak to the individual. Park Springs is proud to have shared our experience with the Butterfly Home Model of Care at the Pioneer Network’s annual conference.

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