New Year, New You

New Year, New You

January has been a month of fitness and healthy living for the members at Park Springs with our New Year, New You program! Reggie Porter, fitness manager for Park Springs, helped kick off the new year by inspiring members to get out of their comfort zone and be active.

Starting in the new year, the fitness center introduced a new program to challenge members everyday workout routine with “1,000 Miles of Winter”. This triathlon presented members with the mission of completing three fitness challenges within six weeks. Their options include, walking 50 miles, biking 75 miles, swimming 100 laps, rowing 10 kilometers, or attending 15 fitness classes. Members are encouraged every step of the way to complete this task while adding variety to their fitness routines.

The “1,000 Miles of Winter” program isn’t the only change members saw entering the new year. The fitness center also introduced new group classes targeting members interests. Beginning in January, the fitness center began offering “Core and More,” a class focusing on core muscles while incorporating Pilates, and two water exercise classes, “Aqua Balance” and “Aqua Flow”.

While following their mission of inspiring fitness for all members, Reggie and the fitness team are focusing on providing a variety of classes in specialized areas. Recently, Pebblebrook’s Memory Care Household received a miniature gym of its own to increase member participation in fitness classes and to better provide opportunities to stay active. Staff are ready and available to assist members with any needs they may have in the new space.

When asked how to keep members motivated throughout the year, Reggie highlighted the importance of cross-training and having a partner. He encouraged members to try new things and have a friend to keep them accountable throughout the process. Reggie and the fitness center team are thrilled about where 2018 has taken them and look forward to encouraging healthy lifestyles throughout the rest of the year!

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