“Nothing Compares to Park Springs”

“Nothing Compares to Park Springs”

Asked why he and wife Dell chose Park Springs, Peter McGarr says, “There may not be one single reason we made the move. But I can tell you the reason we’re going to stay. We’ve traveled the world and spent time in the finest places, but nothing compares to the staff and service at Park Springs. It’s unbelievable!”

For the McGarrs, the move to Park Springs was less than five miles from their home in Smoke Rise. “We had the big house, the lawn and everything that goes with it.” Peter adds with a smile, “We went from 6,500 square feet to 2,100 square feet and loved every minute of it.”

While Dell may not share her husband’s enthusiasm for downsizing, she’s right there with him when it comes to her excitement about Park Springs.  Dining, activities and beautiful surroundings were part of the appeal for her. But there was also the satisfaction of knowing the couple wasn’t leaving decisions about their future to their daughters.

While the McGarrs have maintained their membership in a local golf club, they love the proximity to the Stone Mountain Golf Course. “It’s a real plus to walk just 300 yards from home to hit a bucket of balls,” adds Peter, who says physical activity helps manage his Parkinson’s Disease. If he’s not out on the golf course, you may find him at the Park Springs fitness center working out with a routine customized for him by fitness center manager and personal trainer Reggie Porter.

When they arrived in June 2016, the McGarrs were warmly welcomed by old and new friends. “We knew people from church (Corpus Christi in Smoke Rise) who were here and loved it, as did everyone we met on our visits before moving in,” Dell recalls.

Today, comfortably settled in their beautifully decorated villa, the McGarrs’ message for friends and neighbors considering a move to Pak Springs is simple: “Don’t wait!”

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