Nutrition Fact VS Fiction: Park Springs’ Dietitian Weighs In

Nutrition Fact VS Fiction: Park Springs’ Dietitian Weighs In

As the Registered Dietitian, I am regularly asked questions about healthy eating options. Suggestions from family or friends, as well as the infromation from the mainstream Media, can make these choices seem difficult. You may have read the most current information, but the advice may not be right for you as an individual. Registered Dietitians have sifted through mountains of misinformation and can create personalized meal plans related to your current health condition. The critical consumer should rely on a health expert in order to understand how food can affect you as an individual.

Butter or Margarine?

Butter has been a no-no for years and margarine was the better choice. However, some margarine contain trans-fat. Therefore, the most important tip is to use them both in moderation. If you don’t want to give up your butter, select whipped or light  butter.

 Sea Salt vs. Table Salt?

Nutritional content for each of these is the same. Sea salt is coarser in texture, therefore you may use less than table salt.

Are eggs okay?

Eggs were once off limits to those wanting to reduce cholesterol. As it turns out, they have little effect on dietary cholesterol. Individuals can now eat one per day. In addition to protein, they contain lutein, which may protect against vision loss.

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