Park Springs’ Culture of Wellness Includes Being Social

Park Springs’ Culture of Wellness Includes Being Social

Benefits of Wellness at Park Springs

As Deborah Long outlines in her excellent article in, 6 Health Benefits of Being Social, being social really does contribute to seniors’ health and wellbeing.

At Park Springs, Members have access to a wealth of opportunities to make new friends, participate in cultural, intellectual and fitness activities, and stretch their creative talents. The Member-driven lifestyle at Park Springs focuses on wellness and personal growth – year-round.

“Living here is like living in a charming small town where you’ll always find a friendly face and a willing partner for bridge or coffee or a walk around campus,” says Susan Mahoney, Director of Sales for Park Springs.

Just take a glance at Park Springs’ monthly calendar of activities in July 2015 (and this is just a small sampling!):

  • Lectures (Men’s Forum, Women’s Forum, Bible Study)
  • Stretch, tone and balance classes
  • Reel to Reel movies
  • Bridge, Trivia, Rummikub and more
  • Special parties and events (Fourth of July, Taste of Park Springs, Park Springs Anniversary)
  • Theatrical performances, concerts, lunch, dinner off campus
  • Museum tours, and much more

According to Deborah Long’s article, there are distinct health benefits from being social. Being social may:

  1. Add years to your life
  2. Reduce the risk of stroke
  3. Boost your immune system
  4. Encourage good habits
  5. Lower or delay your risk of memory loss or Alzheimer’s disease
  6. Relieve pain

To learn more about living at Park Springs by Isakson Living, or to schedule a personal tour of Park Springs, please contact one of Park Springs’ Residency Counselors at 678-684-3300 or visit

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