Park Springs Fashion Show

Park Springs Fashion Show

Ladies at Park Springs are getting excited for the fifth annual Pink and White Fashion Show, sponsored by Chico’s on June 15.

Behind this fabulous event is Lou Jewell, Park Springs member, fashion show chairman and leader of the Women’s Forum. She coordinates sponsorship from Chico’s and oversees the charity event. If you ask her about it, her passion and dedication to bringing fun and interesting happenings to the campus shines bright. As the Chair of the Women’s Forum, Mrs. Jewell plans and coordinates many cultural and social events around campus ranging from presentations on Dr. Seuss to virtual tours of Italy, ensuring members are always having a good time

Thanks to member Anne Tomblinson, the Community Hall will be decked out in pink, white and floral centerpieces. ‘’Model mom’’, Shirley Baskin, coordinates the backstage business as this year’s models: Carolyn McManus, Avis Fox, Mabel Kickline, Dot Sapit, Becky McGlamry and Nancy Kirksey strut the runway. Hard work and preparation from several other members and staff go in to throwing the fabulous show.

All proceeds will benefit the Park Springs Foundation, which provides scholarships for Park Springs employees and their children. Members attending will hear from Don Sapit, of the Park Springs Foundation, and scholarship recipient Dyanna Hodge.

The members-only event is highly anticipated and always a sellout!

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