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Park Springs Focuses on Health and Wellness

Pillars of Wellness

This is a follow-up on our first blog in June 2014 about the six different ‘Pillars of Wellness’ as described by the team at Park Springs. Our fitness and wellness experts work together every day to make health and wellness an integral part of living a full and satisfied life at Atlanta’s premier senior community. At Park Springs our vision is to create an environment that promotes wellness and personal growth by incorporating all areas of the wellness model.

Two more ‘Pillars of Wellness’ are:

Pillar of Wellness #3: Intellectual Wellness
Alertness, New Learning, Current Affairs

This includes:

  • Ability to think, keeping the mind busy with new ideas
  • Interest in current affairs
  • Curiosity to learn new things, always questioning
  • Ability to organize things
  • Reading, going to theatre
  • Learning a new language
  • Going to seminars
  • Ability to solve puzzles
  • Doing puzzles
  • Ability to remember facts
  • Continuing education

Pillar of Wellness #4: Social Wellness
Engagement, Communications, Cooperation

This includes:

  • Visiting and enjoying people
  • Participating in social events, group activities
  • Cooperating and getting along with others
  • Communication skills
  • Understanding diversity
  • Making and keeping friends, ability and opportunity to interact.
  • Able to share good times

To learn more about living and thriving at Park Springs, please call any one of Park Springs’ Senior Residency Counselors at 678-684-3300.

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