Why Park Springs is Proud of its Food and Dining

Why Park Springs is Proud of its Food and Dining

Eating is an everyday practice that should be enjoyable, not regimented. At Park Springs we believe that good eating is essential to our health and quality of life. That’s why we have developed our community so Members are not limited or coerced in their eating, but have autonomy and therefore excitement in their dining habits. And there’s a lot of research agreeing that our practices decrease the risk of health issues and promote a higher quality of life in seniors.

In many senior living communities, inflexible menu schedules are made in a corporate office, not considering the actual desire of their residents. Tasks are prioritized over people, mealtimes are enforced in order to maintain “efficiency”. This often leads to seniors having a disinterest in eating and suffering from malnutrition.

At Park Springs we’ve created an environment where our Members and their desires drive the menu. For all of our Members we have 6 healthy, distinctive dining venues with a range of delicious options. For our Members in assisted living, our Household Model of Care allows for the flexibility needed to provide an individually tailored dining experience. Our homemakers and care partners make it possible for Members to eat when and what they want to eat.

And that’s why at Park Springs we’re proud of our dining program. It’s more than a meal. Eating at Park Springs is an experience that promotes autonomy, happiness, and health.

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