Park Springs Health Services Incorporates All Care Matters

In August 2018 Park Springs received Level One Accreditation for successfully adopting the Butterfly Model of care into Pebblebrook, our Memory Care household. We are proud to be the only Life Plan Community with this level of accreditation in the United States. Our team has seen such great results and feedback from this model that we are now partnering again with Dementia Care Matters for training in their new program “All Care Matters,” a version of the Butterfly Model that is more oriented towards all levels of care in the Health Services programs offered by Park Springs.

The “All Care Matters” program improves the quality of life for our Members through feelings-focused engagement. This focus allows for more meaningful relationships, interactions, and community building between Members and Care Partners that will lead to greater long-term health. We are excited to incorporate this program into Cobblestone.

Where ever a Member may be in the continuum of care, they can be assured that under this new model they will receive more individualized care as our team learns the life stories and interests of each Member in their household. This orientation towards celebrating the lives of Members will ultimately lead to the freedom to be their vibrant and engaged selves, the way someone only can when they feel “at home”. In pursuing the “All Care Matters” program, our hope is to create more time to enjoy the moments together as a family.