Park Springs Hires New Interns At Draft Day

Park Springs recently had the privilege of participating in Christo Rey Jesuit High School’s Draft Day. Just like the NFL draft, when players find out which team they’ll be joining, Christo Rey’s program allows the who’s who of Atlanta businesses to draft interns to gain professional experience and learn from their companies.

We are pleased to announce that Park Springs has gained eight amazing interns from this draft! Angel, Chloe, Jean, Jose, Mekeyas, Robey, Tamaya and Trinity all share an interest in the healthcare field and working with seniors. Their roles will surround the primary focus of member engagement. They will be assisting members on all fronts from their dining needs, to laundry and general housekeeping. By doing this we will continue to enable our members to stay as independent as possible but also give the students an opportunity to build lasting relationships. Throughout the process the students will also be gaining an understanding of the importance of healthcare and senior care.

We believe that the multi-generational exposure will benefit both our members and students and we hope that their time at Park Springs will empower them to advance their future careers and learn more about their fields of interest. We can’t wait to begin working with these students this fall!