The Best Of Both Worlds: Why Park Springs Is Perfect For Couples Aging Differently

Couple Aging Differently

The Best Of Both Worlds: Why Park Springs Is Perfect For Couples Aging Differently

When Park Springs Member Brian’s wife, Judy, began to experience more signs of dementia, he was faced with the reality that they were aging very differently. While he was still active and enjoyed playing golf, gardening, and many other hobbies, Judy’s memory and physical abilities were steadily declining. Brian knew that the situation at home needed to change but the decision would not be easy.

“It was a hard decision but I knew that I could not provide the mental stimulation my wife needed,” Brian says. “I wanted the best for her. Finding a community where we both could live was critical.”

When Brian heard about Park Springs, a Life Plan Community in Stone Mountain, he decided to thoroughly research the options there. He learned that Park Springs offers a vibrant independent living community along with a complete Continuum of Care that includes a comprehensive spectrum of health services including Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, Rehabilitation, a Day Program, and Respite Care.

He really resonated with what his Park Springs Residency Counselor had to say: “At Park Springs, you and your spouse will never be separated by distance. Our Continuum of Care allows Members at different stages of wellness to stay by their loved one’s side through all of life’s changes. After all, when you’re married 50 years, you become one half of the same person. It’s reassuring to know that you can step out of your door, and be at your loved one’s side in a few short steps.”

After touring the campus and talking further with the Park Springs team, Brian decided to take advantage of Park Springs’ Respite Care. “They were offering a Respite Care Program for 30 days,” Brian says. “So, I did that and it gave me the time to get a good feel for the care, which made it so much easier in the end to make my final decision.”

After experiencing everything that Park Springs had to offer firsthand, he was very impressed. The beautiful 61-acre campus at the base of iconic Stone Mountain had a wide range of clubs and amenities for him including a greenhouse, and a stimulating, individualized Memory Care program which seemed ideal for Judy.

“Park Springs had everything I was looking for,” says Brian. “I decided that this would the place where we both could thrive.”

So, Brian chose a one-bedroom Villa home with a golf view. Then, Park Springs’ Care Partners helped him evaluate the best option for Judy which they determined would be the Pebblebrook household.

Brian loved that Judy would be able to engage in a variety of activities, art classes, games, and fitness classes every day led by a team of Care Partners that felt like family. “Pebblebrook has such a dedicated staff,” says Brian. “I have the greatest respect and admiration for them. They have lots of activities and they engage Members and develop true relationships.”

He also loved that the household model of care felt like a real home. “Pebblebrook is a bright, cheerful place. You furnish your own suite so it really does feel like home,” Brian says.

“The living rooms look like your home and the shared kitchen is more like a real kitchen in a home. I even go over and talk to the chef about Judy’s food. The chefs are very accommodating.”

“I go over and see her every morning. I take exercise classes with her. She’s more alert. She’s doing better than she has in a long time.”

Brian has also discovered the many benefits of living in a Villas community.  “Neighbors are always asking me to do things, or join them to dine together. Having new friends and developing new relationships with people that really care has made this transition in my life much easier.”

Brian has some advice for other couples who are aging differently. “If someone is looking for a senior community, they need to find one that has everything on-site – Assisted Living, Rehab, Skilled Nursing and a modern approach to Memory Care,” Brian says. “It’s critical. Some places are just about maintaining the person. But here they have a whole different approach.”

“I am so thankful every day that my wife is at Pebblebrook and that I’m in Independent Living. It’s the best the best of both worlds.”

“When it comes to aging differently, Park Springs is the best you will find.”

If you and your spouse are facing the prospects aging differently, call or contact us to learn more about all your options at Park Springs.

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