Park Springs Presents Gilbert Sherr, ‘The Memory Man’

Park Springs Presents Gilbert Sherr, ‘The Memory Man’

Free Workshops on October 17: Train Your Brain and Improve Your Memory – at Any Age

Gilbert Sherr Memory ManIt can happen to anyone, at any age, but many seniors find that their memory plays tricks with them on a daily basis. “You forget a name. You have no clue where you last put your glasses, keys or hearing aid. You park your car at the mall but then it takes you 20 minutes to find it again. If this sounds like you, you’ll want to come to Park Springs for a free workshop on October 17 to meet memory expert Gilbert Sherr, the Memory Man,” invites Kevin Isakson, Director of Sales and Marketing at Isakson Living, owner and operator of Park Springs, Atlanta’s premier continuing care retirement community.

Atlanta-based Sherr believes that almost anyone can improve his or her memory at any age. Whether you are 50 or 90, Sherr believes that “… age is a good excuse, but a poor reason for forgetfulness.”

Two 90-minute free workshops will be held at the Park Springs Clubhouse on October 17, at 11AM and at 2PM. Reservations are required; please call 678-684-3483 or register online at

The Memory Man
Sherr often approaches the subject of memory improvement with humor. “Humor is a great way to improve the memory,” claims Sherr. “People who laugh more will remember more, especially if they laugh with memory training.”

According to Sherr, “Memory training is so powerful that one can actually reverse the natural age progression cycle and have an 80-year old mentally out-perform a 50-year old who did not get any memory training.”

Since 1991, the Memory Man has shown more than 10,000 seniors how to improve their memory. “People enter our presentations as non-believers but exit feeling empowered and excited by what they can accomplish with their memory power. It is a lot of fun to show people just what they can do,” notes Sherr.

The October 17 workshops at Park Springs are sure to make participants laugh, think – and most importantly, train their brain to improve their memory. Don’t forget – make your reservation now: call 678-684-3482.

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