Park Springs Saturday at Four Program

Park Springs Saturday at Four Program

This email was written by our member, Dave Thirsk

During 2010 there were 48 programs with an average attendance of 42 members! This led to a total of over 2,000 members being involved and entertained on Saturday afternoons!

24 of these programs were Trivia sessions held on the first and fourth Saturday of the month by a roster of 20 rotatting member hosts. The remaining 24 were a mix of member originated and/or conducted programs along with musical, cultural or educational DVDs. Whenever possible programs with active member participation werre given precedence over “canned” material.

Among the member originated programs are “The Liars’ Club” with John and Dot Branscomb held quarterly, musical programs with Dave Riggs also held quarterly as well as occassional programs featuring Kenn Luyk and the “Shoppers” vocal group and Louise Fawcett conducting the Park Springs Bell Ringers.

In those instances where “local talent” is not available a wide variety of DVD programs are offered. These are primarily musical to satisfy a wide range of tastes from classical to country to concerts by Liberace. In many cases the DVDs are offered by members from their private collections.

Looking over my records for the period of February 2005 thru November of this year I see that during that time the members who planned, organized, scheduled and presented on hour programs on Saturday afternoons have done so over 250 times.

It should be noted that druing the 6 years of Saturday programs attendance has continued to increase so the group must be doing something right!

Guidance and Assistance from Leisure Services over the 6 year period has been invaluable!

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