Park Springs Takes the Worry Out of Winter

Park Springs Takes the Worry Out of Winter

WinterLadyFor the more than 500 Members who live at Park Springs, there is much less to worry about during the winter season than before they moved to the resort-style retirement community at the base of Stone Mountain.

No more snow to shovel, no more slick roads to navigate in order to get groceries or to go out for dinner, and above all, no more worry about personal safety or medical emergencies.

At Park Springs, Members are comforted by the knowledge that there will always be professional staff on hand to take care of any need or emergency, including weather-related maintenance or repair issues.

“If we have ice or snow, everything is taken care of. The staff gets here and they see to it that we have our meals and anything else we may need. It’s wonderful not to have to worry about anything.”  (Dot Branscomb, 10-year Member of Park Springs.)

Park Springs is prepared. 
During the 2014 winter season, Atlanta made front page news nationwide when it was hit hard by a severe, quick-moving snow and ice storm. However, everybody at Park Springs weathered the storm quite well thanks to:

  • a proper emergency preparedness plan,
  • the great staff at Park Springs CCRC, including all directors who remained on campus and were housed in the Park Springs guest suites,
  • the community’s creative leadership and teamwork, and
  • flexibility and camaraderie on the part of the Members.

Raymond Previto, Environmental Services Director, who is responsible for the management and delivery of housekeeping and laundry services and who oversees a staff of 40 employees, explains that he discusses emergency preparedness with his staff every year prior to the start of winter weather.

“Key personnel are asked to stay on campus when bad weather hits; or, if necessary, we can go to their homes and pick them up in our 4-wheel drive truck. Regular housekeeping services may be reduced during a snowstorm, but we always make sure that our common areas, as well as the Cobblestone Health Center, are well taken care of.”

Of course, Park Springs keeps a proper supply of Ice Melt on hand, the salt and sand mixture that prevents and takes care of slick patches and walkways.

Meal service.
Last February, Park Springs’ staff served meals to 220 Members who live throughout Park Springs beautiful 54-acre campus, either by take out or via delivery. Also, everybody at Cobblestone Health Center enjoyed all regular meals. There were enough Park Springs staff members who were able to either spend the night or work double shifts in order to cover most areas in the Health Center.

Park Springs’s Food and Beverage Director Jim Schneeberger and his staff in the Park Springs kitchens did a great job in 2014 and previous years, and are prepared this winter season should another weather-related emergency hit. Well-stocked coolers and other provisions are in place.

“At Park Springs, we take the worry out of winter,” says Mr. Previto. “We have a great team of dedicated, hard-working professionals who are committed to our Members’ safety, comfort and wellbeing, no matter what the forecast says.”

Call or click to learn more about living at Park Springs by Isakson Living year-round.  Or if you’d like to schedule a personal tour of Park Springs, please contact one of the Park Springs Residency Counselors at 678-684-3300 or visit

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