Park Springs Turned 15!

With the dream of creating a community that gives families peace of mind, Andy Isakson founded Park Springs to be Atlanta’s premier Life Plan Community. That dream continues to be a reality 15 years later. Earlier this July we had the privilege of celebrating our 15th birthday, and in classic Park Springs style we threw a party for all our Members.

It was an evening full of delicious food, fun activities, and great times together. Shrimp and Wii Boxing? Yes, please! But, as we take a moment to reflect on Park Springs’ 15 years providing a healthy, fun active adult lifestyle, we want to highlight the heart of what makes Park Springs the most desirable community for retirees: our Members. The personalities, thoughts, and care that our Members bring to our neighborhoods is why Park Springs is Atlanta’s leading Life Plan Community.

We look forward to seeing what growth Park Springs will have between now and year 16. You never know what the future holds. But, we can be assured that no matter what it looks like, Park Springs will always be a thriving place due to the strengths of its Members.