A Party with Purpose

A Party with Purpose

This June, Park Springs welcomed a fashion show orchestrated by the Park Springs Women’s Forum. The fashion show, dubbed “a party with purpose”, was a fundraiser for the Park Springs Foundation, our program committed to helping assist the needs of our dedicated staff. The Women’s Forum is a solely Member founded and administered organization. Thanks to their planning efforts over $10,000 of charitable contributions were raised for the Park Springs Foundation’s scholarship fund. This means that select qualifying staff members or their children will be able to receive financial aid in their pursuits of continuing education.

One of our staff families we’re excited to award a scholarship to is Laura Moore and her son. Laura is a dedicated part of the Park Springs team and is in the process of getting her Master’s degree. Her son is getting his B.A. in History and aspires to be a teacher. Laura first began getting her Master’s once she and her husband discovered that he had a terminal illness. Propelled by a desire to take care of her family, Laura began the route of going back to school. As a community, we are grateful to get to walk alongside Laura and her family, and we are thankful for the generosity of our Members who made this possible. Laura is pictured below.

Lou Diamond, chair of the Women’s Forum, described this as one of her favorite events they have planned. The fashion show is just one of several occasions that are scheduled this year. “Chicos always sponsors the clothing, and the Members who volunteered to model are just wonderful women,” Lou says. She’s also glad to know that the money raised is going to help people like Laura and her family. Pictured below are the women who volunteered to model.

Events like these are amazing additions to Park Springs. They are opportunities for Members to actively enhance life at Park Springs and bring people together! Several of the women who attended the show commented on how fun an event it was and look forward to attending the other planned events. Our Members continue to impress us with their love for the Park Springs community and we are thrilled to know such great people have chosen to call Park Springs their home.

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