Park Springs Uses Art to Enhance Life and Legacy

Park Springs Uses Art to Enhance Life and Legacy

In an article published by Metro Atlanta CEO on April 9, Andy Isakson discusses the “Sentinels of Legacy” mural and the way Park Springs uses art to enhance life and legacy. Created by South Carolina artist Tarleton Blackwell, the mural reflects the community’s innovative relationship-based model in health care.

“At Park Springs we are concerned about not only health, but the quality of life for our resident Members and staff. We introduced to Georgia the household model of care, which sets up long-term care as you would a household.” said Isakson. “This model focuses on relationships, and many strong bonds are formed between Members, their families and care partners. I was moved to commission this mural to celebrate those relationships, the value of the care partner and their effect on people’s lives.”

Featuring the vital connection between Members and nurses, the larger-than-life 5-foot-by-26-foot oil on canvas mural also ties into the important role art plays throughout the community in enhancing the physical environment, creating a sense of community, and showing respect for the Members who call Park Springs home. The mural is showcased among the works of other renowned artists including Matt Janke, Shine Huang, Andrew Carson, Charles Keiger and Remi Yang.

“The power of the art is appropriate for the power of the stories,” said Isakson. “I believe the purpose of art is to make you think.”

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