Honoring a Legacy of Care Through Art

Honoring a Legacy of Care Through Art

An article in Pioneer Network’s April 3 newsletter discusses art’s impact on legacy and features Park Springs’ “Sentinels of Legacy” mural.

“Art plays an important role in establishing legacy and in enhancing the community’s physical environment,” the article states. “Featured prominently as you walk toward the households hangs a 26-foot mural created by South Carolina artist Tarleton Blackwell, who has been cited as one of the preeminent African American contemporary artists.” The mural “Sentinels of Legacy” was commissioned by Isakson to celebrate the commitment of the care partners and nurses who work in long term care, and the life and the legacy of the community’s Members.

“Legacy is an important word and the portrait demonstrates how important it is in the care received by the Members who call Park Springs home,” the article continues. “The mural depicts pictures of Members when they were younger, with their families, with their care partners today in long term care. The job of the care partners and nurses is to meet the Member where they are today, but they need to know about the Member’s life and legacy to engage them as a person and build relationships in true person-centered care.”

There are many wonderful relationships that develop in long-term care between Members, their families and those who deliver their care. Moving in to a long-term care community can be a pivotal and emotional experience for Members and their children. It is often a time of reflection on legacy, family, life and living. The “Sentinels of Legacy” mural captures this sentiment.

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