Son’s Concern Leads to Thorough Research

Son’s Concern Leads to Thorough Research

He crunched the numbers and Park Springs came out on top.

When Robert and Judy Moreno started talking about a possible move to Park Springs, Robert’s son Jerry was intrigued. He wasn’t so much interested in Park Springs’ social activities or wellness opportunities, although they seemed wonderful. Jerry was more concerned with the dollars and sense of it all.

As chief financial officer of an IT company that serves the Federal Reserve Bank in Richmond, Virginia, Jerry knows his way around a spread sheet. So when his parents got serious about moving to Park Springs from Buford, Jerry sharpened his pencil and went to work.

“My sister Mary and I started doing some research,” Jerry explains. The first step was to gain an understanding of the continuing care retirement community (CCRC) model and specifically, the Park Springs investment return feature.

Doing Due Diligence

“We checked with the Georgia Insurance Commission about licensing and accreditation and we looked into ownership and operations matters.”

Jerry laughs as he recalls the flurry of email and paper between the Park Springs office and his office in Richmond. “They answered all my questions and made sure I had everything I needed.”

Jerry and his sister wanted to be sure that the elder Morenos understood the implications of a move to Park Springs, including the total cost of ownership. They also wanted to compare an investment in Park Springs to other investments. Typical of a financial professional, Jerry developed several models to illustrate possible scenarios.

Robert and Judy were interested in Park Springs’ Vintage Home Program, which lets Members move in while their current home is still on the market. Here too, Jerry dug in to precisely understand the program and the financial aspects.

“These issues were potentially overwhelming for my dad and Judy, but for me it was important to help them make the right decisions,” says Jerry.

Professional Approach

Once Jerry and Mary had collected the information, Jerry did what comes naturally – he laid it all out in a PowerPoint presentation. The family sat down together, looked at the findings and discussed the situation.

Fact-based decision making is an essential tool in Jerry’s professional life. This time, it served an important role in family matters as well.

“In the end they were very comfortable with what we learned and felt Park Springs was where they wanted to be,” says Jerry. He and his sister could rest easy, knowing that the decision was made with all the facts in hand.

Isakson Living chief financial officer Dave Wahn praised Jerry for the detailed review he and Mary conducted on behalf of their parents. “Jerry honed in on the key issues. Among other things he wanted to be sure that Park Springs was fully prepared to follow through on its commitment to Members.”

Dave adds, “We’re happy to work with adult children who want the best for their parents and are willing to get the answers that bring everyone peace of mind.”

The Morenos moved in and are thoroughly enjoying life at Park Springs.