Caring for the Spirit of You

The Park Springs Spirit Culture of Care

Special memories. Favorite foods. Familiar smells. A lifetime of experiences.
Every life is a story. And at Park Springs, we believe it’s our job to honor that story as we help build the next chapter. That’s why our revolutionary Spirit Culture of Care is focused on nurturing a relationship with each of our Members to discover what makes them truly feel at home.
The result is a close-knit community that inspires the spirit to thrive.

We’re Leading a Revolution of Care

Loneliness, boredom, not belonging…these are a few of the sad characteristics that come to mind when you think of traditional eldercare. But at Park Springs, we’re pioneering a movement of change throughout the industry with our Spirit Culture of Care.

We are making the move from illness to wellness…from an institutional, clinical setting to a warm family home…from rigid staff-directed schedules to flexible service based on the personal preferences of each Member.

That means at Park Springs, you won’t find charge nurses in uniforms, medication carts, drab spaces, or lonely, tasteless meals. Instead, you’ll discover open kitchens, colorful interiors, and shared dining experiences. You’ll even find thoughtful Care Partners dressed in PJ’s at night to put Members at ease.

Spirit Thrives at Home

Here at Park Springs, everything revolves around our unique Spirit Household Model of Care. With private bedrooms, open kitchens, plenty of natural light, access to the outdoors, and comfortable shared living spaces, our households provide a cheery, home environment. Within this environment, Members can guide their own wellness journey in a setting that is personalized for their needs.

We practice this model in all of our Health Care Households so you have a cohesive flow of expertise as we expertly serve your loved one as they transition through the continuum of care. Spirit Households empower Members with a valuable sense of autonomy while promoting socialization and genuine relationships that have been proven to be a central component of health.

We Believe in Relationships

In every household, each Member receives the support of Care Partners, a Nurse, a Homemaker, and a Guide. Each one of these caregivers takes the time to build a relationship with your loved one as they get to know their personal story.

In this way, our team knows what sparks meaning for each Member and they can relate to them in a caring, familiar way. With extensive staff training and low Members-to-staff ratios, we ensure that your loved one is safe and supported wherever they are on their journey.

Member & Caregiver
Care Partners

Care Partners provide diligent personal care and services as they implement your loved one’s overall plan of care. On a daily basis, they assist with meals, housekeeping, laundry services, and engaging conversation and activities.


Homemakers are responsible for preparing all the meals and snacks for the household. Rather than adhering to a set menu, homemakers enjoy making meals that honor your loved one’s favorite foods and preferences. Send along their favorite recipes and we will make them. This flexibility extends to meal times too. Breakfast is served when your loved one gets up just like home. They can also help plan special events and celebrations such as birthdays and special anniversaries.


Nurses support the wellness of your loved one and work closely with the Care Partners to support their overall health and function. They also serve as a liaison with the onsite Geriatrician and Nurse Practitioner.


Guides serve as a coach and mentor for Care Partners and Homemakers and the primary contact for the Member’s family. They work closely with the team to provide a high level of support to each household and make sure that everything is running smoothly.

On-site Wellness with a Full-time Geriatrician

Our Members enjoy convenient access to comprehensive care without ever having to leave our campus. Park Springs is one of the few senior living communities where you will find an on-site Wellness Clinic. Open five days a week, the Clinic is directed by Dr. Khurram Khan, a full-time, board-certified Geriatrician who brings a decade of experience in Geriatric Medicine, Primary Care, and Family Medicine to our community.

Everyone Needs to be Known.

Elderly Man With Cane

We All Need to Belong.

The hallmark of our person-centered care is a philosophy about human life, relationships, and the dignity of each person in our care. We understand that the greatest detriment for your loved one’s well-being is not aging, but “ageism” or the way other people treat them and make them feel.

That’s why our approach is based on our own team’s experiences of comfort, security, love, joy, belonging, and meaning – as well as all the experiences in our lives. As opposed to detached staff members, you’ll find our Caregivers making eye contact and making emotional connections so they can understand your loved one’s feelings and needs as they empower them to be who they are.

We all have a story that has shaped who we are.
We look forward to honoring that story as we help you and your loved ones build their next chapter here.


Want to know more about all that Park Springs has to offer? Schedule a call, on-site visit, or virtual tour. Let us know how to reach you, and we’ll send you more information.

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Want to know more about all that Park Springs has to offer? Schedule a call or on-site or virtual tour. Let us know how to reach you, and we’ll send you more information.

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