Park Springs Meal Service: Serving Trays

Superior Park Springs Meal Service Is Vital Part of Community’s Culture of Wellness


Park Springs Meal Service

Park Springs Meal Service

Healthy eating is an integral part of the healthy lifestyle and the overall Culture of Wellness at Park Springs, the luxury retirement community that provides seniors with independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing care on its beautiful 54-acre campus near Stone Mountain. Recently, the Health & Wellness committee shared interesting information about the meals and the overall food service at the luxury retirement community in Stone Mountain.

Park Springs Meal ServiceDid you know:

  • Dining Room menus are written on a 6-week cycle; menus for the Grill, Bistro and Cobblestone stay constant with a few changes every day.
  • The menus provide many choices that enable Park Springs Members to select healthful, nutritious meals. Other popular choices are also available.
  • All beef served at Park Springs is fresh certified Angus, except Salisbury steak, a frozen product because of consistency.
  • Ashley Farms chicken is purchased locally.
  • Most fish is fresh; our fabulous crab cakes are made with real crab. Surimi is not used.
  • Most produce used for salads and side dishes is fresh and purchased locally. Some of our produce is even organic. Frozen vegetables include corn, lima beans and blends. Artichoke hearts, baked beans and chick peas are canned.
  • Sliced breads are fresh. Other breads come in frozen, to be proofed and baked. Some are made in house, while cakes and pies are purchased from local bakeries. Chef Henry’s famous bread pudding is made in house.
  • All entrees, and most soups and sides are made from scratch. All entrees provide up to 6 ounces of protein.
  • Filet mignon is used in stews and mixed dishes. Ground certified Angus beef is used for meatloaf. Top round milk-fed veal is used for dishes with veal.
  • Whole fresh bone-in turkeys are roasted and sliced in the kitchen for entrees.
  • Only extra virgin olive oil and unsalted butter are used in food preparation.
  • There is no MSG in seasonings or soy sauce.
  • Members are encouraged to ask for items to be prepared – their way.

If Members need help with any food challenges, dietary restrictions, compliments or concerns, please contact Shawn Jackson, Director of Food and Beverage, or Executive Chef Derrick Henry.

To learn more about fine dining and healthy living at Park Springs by Isakson Living, or if you’d like to schedule a personal tour of Park Springs, please contact one of Park Springs’ Residency Counselors at 678-684-3300 or visit