Tap into Your Inner Creativity

Tap into Your Inner Creativity

As a child, many of us spent countless hours designing original masterpieces by simply using a couple of crayons and a piece of construction paper; building blocks; or tissues, scissors and glue. Think you may have lost your creativity over the years? Think again.

At Park Springs, we encourage Members to tap into their inner creativity, and we celebrate the inspired endeavors of our Members. Whether you’ve always wanted to take guitar lessons, learn how to salsa dance, speak a new language, or are picking up a paint brush for the first time, we believe everyone has a creative spirit longing to be set free.

Discovering your creative side is not only fun and exciting, but it also offers numerous benefits as you age. In fact, according to a study by Dr. Gene Cohen, Director of the Center on Aging, Health and Humanities at George Washington University, and author of The Creative Age: Awakening Human Potential in the Second Half of Life, creativity positively impacts the overall well-being of older adults, promotes independence and reduces some of the risk factors that contribute to the need for long-term care. In addition, Cohen’s research suggests those who connect with the world through imagination – like we did as children – will have emotional, spiritual, physical and intellectual benefits that are far-reaching.

Ways to Spark Your Creativity
Want to get bring more creativity into your life, but don’t know where to begin?

  • Enroll in one of the many personal enrichment classes and programs offered at Emory University’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, from poetry and oil painting to computer training and photography.
  • Check with the Fulton County Arts Council for an additional list of creative programs and opportunities in the area.
  • Call (678) 684-3300 to schedule a time to meet with us and share your creative passion. We have the resources available to help you get started on your next pursuit.

Take a Creativity Quiz
If you’re still a little skeptical as to how creative you really are, try taking this simple online exercise we found to be interesting and fun:

The 6-Minute Creativity Quiz poses 10 questions and nifty Web scoring to help you realize your creative potential.

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