Technoman – By Barbara Rives

Technoman – By Barbara Rives

In this era of super heroes, we are proud to be the recipients of the wisdom and mystique of our own Technoman. As far as I know, he doesn’t even possess a cape, and I’ve never witnessed him flying over the community, but many of us have faith that he would prevail over Super, Spider, Bat and all the other men.

It goes without saying that he can also outdo Wonderwoman, Catwoman and that new feminist type that Hollywood has just introduced. The easiest way to describe him and his talents is to report on a typical visit from Technoman.

He rings the doorbell like a normal person, but becomes superhuman once you let him in. He flops himself down into your computer chair and begins to push keys rapidly, muttering to himself all the while. Strange pictures appear on your monitor and strange sounds are emitted from your speakers, leaving you incredibly anxious about the future of your emails. After about ten minutes of this abuse to your computer, he swings the chair around. (I’ve seen him do this even when the chair is not a swivel type), and sighs.  If you’re lucky, he then smiles, leaps from the chair like a manic kangaroo, and is out the door before you can even say thanks. Nine times out of ten everything works again.

He makes all of us feel we are his personal favorite resident, but I know I really am because he told me so.


The author, Mrs. Barbara Rives, has been a Member of Park Springs, Atlanta’s premier retirement community, since 2004.

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