UGA Couple Embraces ‘Luxury Liner Lifestyle’ at Park Springs

UGA Couple Embraces ‘Luxury Liner Lifestyle’ at Park Springs

Fitzgerald, John.DianeJohn Fitzgerald, retired Professor of Microbiology at The University of Georgia in Athens, and his wife Diane have made a number of major moves during their life together. Originally from Canada, the young couple moved to Cardiff in Wales, Great Britain where Dr. Fitzgerald completed his post doctorate studies before ultimately accepting a position at UGA.

Residents of Eastside Athens, the Fitzgeralds raised their son and daughter here, and enjoyed a busy life surrounded by many friends within and outside the world of academia. After their children moved out, their home “…became too big,” recalls Mrs. Fitzgerald. “We seemed to be encumbered by a lot of things, and we gradually started considering moving to a smaller home that would still be close to our son in Athens and our daughter and her family in Candler Park.”

The couple, careful planners and researchers, attended a number of marketing events hosted by Park Springs, the luxury retirement community in Stone Mountain, to learn more about the lifestyle, activities, dining and health care available at Park Springs. They took advantage of an overnight visit to meet with Members and clearly remember the impact of one of the comments they heard during that stay: “It’s better to move to Park Springs five years too early than one year too late.”

However, they knew that it would be a daunting task to move from their Athens home to Park Springs. “It was overwhelming to think about packing up a home where you’ve lived so long, and it sure was a big job,” says Mrs. Fitzgerald. “But last year, after much discussion, we decided that it would be crazy for us to wait any longer – and we are so happy to be here now. At Park Springs we are close enough to everybody – and at the same time we are on our own and independent. ”

Mr. Fitzgerald likes to compare living at Park Springs to living on a cruise ship. “We’re meeting many interesting people, and we are enjoying the easy living lifestyle including access to four different dining venues on campus, housekeeping services, lots of activities and events. We’re having fun!”

Even though they still have some unpacked boxes in their second-story home in the Golf View Villas, the Fitzgeralds say that their spacious villa “…feels like home already.”

Mrs. Fitzgerald notes that “People are so welcoming and friendly. I think it’s because they remember what it was like when they first came here.”

The active couple has already gotten into a great new routine: “Almost every weekday, we set out on an early morning walk, stop for continental breakfast in the Dining Room where we meet new people as well as other regulars over muffins and coffee. Then, we’ll read the AJC in the gathering spot around the fireplace and walk back – all before 9 AM!” Both have just signed up for individual fitness classes three times per week, and look forward to taking long walks in Stone Mountain Park, adjacent to the Park Springs 54-acre campus.

Welcome to Park Springs!

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