Expert Solutions for Every Care Need

Park Springs offers exceptional care for every need. We make determining solutions a simpler process with our Park Springs Promise to consistently evaluate you or your loved one’s situation, and provide the emotional and physical support to assure comfort, security, and well being. Our Continuum of Care ensures help for every stage of aging, so you won’t have to experience any difficult moves at later stages of health. Scroll down to learn more about the services we provide and which may be the right level of care for you.

Assisted Living at Park Springs

For Those:
  • Who living alone at home may be a safety concern
  • Requiring nutritional assistance
  • Seeking to decrease risk of memory decline
  • Requiring help with activities of daily living
  • Needing medication management assistance
  • Seeking structured social engagement and activities

Memory Care at Park Springs

Memory Care
For Those:
  • Experiencing some level of dementia, Alzheimer’s, or advanced cognitive impairment
  • Needing to be in a secured and supervised environment
  • Requiring nutritional assistance
  • Needing the support of family-like Care Partners
  • Declining in health conditions due to confusion
  • Requiring social, emotional, and physical engagement

Skilled Nursing at Park Springs

For Those:
  • Experiencing a chronic illness
  • Requiring consistent Licensed Skilled Nursing
  • Declining in health and are bed bound
Skilled Nursing

Rehabilitation at Park Springs

For Those:
  • Needing supported recovery post hospital
  • Requiring physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy
  • Experiencing challenges in managing home routines

Adult Day Program at Park Springs

For Those:
  • Experiencing memory loss and living at home
  • Giving care for a loved one but needing time for personal tasks
  • Believing their loved one would benefit from supervised social activities

Respite Care at Park Springs

For Those:
  • Needing overnight care for their loved one due to travel
  • Needing assistance with activities of daily living, medication assistance, or mobility challenges
  • Requiring supervision and social interaction

The Household Model of Care

Park Springs’ Household Model of Care intentionally reflects the warmth and familiarity of home. When your loved one is here, they are treated just like family.

We practice this model in our Health Care Households, allowing us to have a cohesive flow of expertise as we serve your loved one while they transition through the continuum of care.

This model is important for several key reasons: it gives Members a valuable sense of autonomy, promotes socialization which is proven to be a central component of health, and ultimately creates important relationships that allow loved ones to feel comfortable and truly at home.

With the support of Care Partners, a Nurse, a Homemaker, and a Dietitian, our Members can guide their own wellness journey in a setting that is personalized for their unique needs.

Still Uncertain of Your Care Needs?

For more information on any of our services and how they relate to your needs, or to schedule a virtual or in-person tour, call our expert team at 678-684-3800.
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