What Are Some of the Things You Taught Your Children?

Recently, a great article by Sharon Greenthal appeared in the Huffington Post. Like parents everywhere, she shares her life lessons with her children, some practical, some profound – and some quite unexpected:

  1. Never go anywhere empty-handed. Always bring a little something for the host or hostess.
  2. Go when you’re invited. Always accept an invitation. You never know who you’ll meet or what will happen.
  3. Be patient and take your time.
  4. Be nice to the outcasts.
  5. When you meet someone new, ask questions. If you ask questions and are interested in someone when you meet them, they’ll like you and remember you.
  6. Write thank-you notes.
  7. If something fits you really well, buy it in two colors.
  8. Leave a nice tip.
  9. Brownies are appropriate for nearly anything.
  10. What goes around, comes around – both positive and negative.

What are some of the life lessons you taught YOUR Children?