What Makes Life Safe, Fun, and Healthy at Park Springs

What makes life safe, fun, and healthy at Park Springs

What Makes Life Safe, Fun, and Healthy at Park Springs

What makes life safe, fun, and healthy at Park SpringsNavigating life as a senior can be a much more rewarding journey when you live in a community that prioritizes your safety, fun, friendship, and health. As an award-winning life plan community in Stone Mountain, Georgia, Park Springs stands out as an oasis where seniors can thrive in a supportive and enriching environment.

From socialization with peers to on-site medical care, dining, maintenance-free living, exercise opportunities, and a variety of engaging activities, Park Springs offers you a holistic approach to well-being.

A safe community for the ultimate peace of mind

As a Member at Park Springs, your safety is paramount. Our gated community is equipped with round-the-clock security, trained staff, and emergency response systems to ensure that help is always just a quick call away. You’ll love the freedom of heading out for a walk around the  paths that wind throughout our picturesque campus or through our own private entrance to Stone Mountain Park. And nothing beats the sense of security that your children will have, knowing you are nestled in a safe, vibrant community.

Always something to do, and somebody to do it with

We know how hard it can be to meet other seniors as you age. That’s why socialization is a cornerstone of life at Park Springs with a plethora of options for you to naturally connect with like-minded peers. With over 50 Member-led clubs and activities, there’s something for everyone. And with classes and seminars at near-by Emory University and other colleges, you’ll have the chance to learn and grow intellectually. Whether it’s joining a book club, going out to see a play, participating in a cooking class, or trying out a new hobby, it’s easy to build meaningful connections and friendships that contribute to a fulfilling social life.

Convenient on-site medical care

Getting to appointments on your own can put a burden on you and your children. But that worry is a thing of the past with our on-site medical team and Wellness Clinic. Staffed by skilled geriatricians including a leading neurologist/movement disorder specialist, and a nurse practitioner, the Wellness Clinic provides routine check-ups, consultations, and help in emergency situations. You’ll love our community commitment to your health with options for preventive care, health education, and wellness programs tailored to your individual needs.

Delicious dining in good company

With a range of delicious dining options just steps from your front door, eating alone or cooking for one can be a thing of the past. There’s always someone to grab a soup or sandwich with at lunch time. Or join your neighbors at The Pub for an evening cocktail or to watch the big game on the weekends. From healthy Mediterranean -style menu options to casual fare and fine dining, you can look forward to lively, healthy, delicious meal-times once again.

Maintenance-free living in a right-sized home

Yard work, home maintenance, and pesky repairs in a big house can be overwhelming as you get older. This is why the maintenance-free lifestyle at Park Springs is such a breath of fresh air. You’ll never have to worry about cleaning a huge house, mowing the lawn, fixing a leaky faucet, or climbing up on a ladder to change a light bulb. And you’ll never have to call your kids to do it either! And the best thing about this liberating lifestyle? More time to pursue what brings you joy.

Staying fit with friends

Exercise is so much easier when you have a friend! At Park Springs, you’ll find ample opportunities for group workouts or with a personal trainer. Whether you try something new like water volleyball and Petanque, or join your neighbor for a yoga class, water aerobics, or lifting weights in the gym, you can have fun and stay fit all year long.

Park Springs. is not just a community; it’s a lifestyle that celebrates the richness of life while ensuring the safety, fun, and health of every Member.

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