Why Your Loved One May Be Better Off at Park Springs

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Why Your Loved One May Be Better Off at Park Springs

Member Walking Fall CaregiverIt can be heart-wrenching to think about moving a parent or spouse into Assisted Living or Memory Care. But have you ever thought about how much better their quality of life might be if you did?

At Park Springs, our proven approach to Health Services and complete continuum of care helps Members thrive with dignity and independence in a safe, enriching environment. Here are just a few of the reasons your loved one may be better off at Park Springs than at home with a caregiver:

  1. They can maintain their independence

We know how important is it for Members to maintain their sense of independence. That’s why our unique Spirit Culture of Care and household models are based on your loved ones’ desires, rather than strict institutional schedules. Every day, mom or dad can choose their own schedule, activities, meal times, and menu preferences with the compassionate support of our Care Partners.

  1. They’ll stay socially engaged

Research shows that isolation is one of the biggest threats to seniors as they age. At Park Springs, your loved one has the chance to bond with other Members and Care Partners every day. You might be surprised how much your parent will thrive as they form friendships over a good meal, a fun activity, or simply a good conversation.

  1. They can enjoy enriching activities and amenities

From music and art therapy to chair yoga and movement classes, your loved one will have a wealth of opportunities and amenities to help them stay active and engaged all day long––which studies show is crucial in helping seniors maintain their physical and mental health.

  1. They’ll have access to the best onsite medical care

As a caregiver, you know the burden of finding quality medical care and driving to and from doctor appointments. With a Wellness Clinic right on campus, your loved one will have access to top geriatricians including a leading neurologist and nurse practitioner for convenient, expert care tailored to their needs.

  1. They’ll have the comforts of home with the safety of round-the-clock care

There are many risks that an aging parent may face living at home from falls and accidents to starting a fire or mishandling their prescriptions. Our household model of care provides the constant attention of a dedicated care team to protect your loved one at all times, administer their medication, and monitor their health.

  1. They’ll have the advantage of a healthy diet and delicious home-cooked meals

Choosing and preparing wholesome meals every day is a key factor in maintaining your loved one’s overall health. But that can be quite a challenge for seniors and caregivers at home. At Park Springs, every meal and snack is prepared by a dedicated chef with fresh farm-to-table ingredients inspired by the brain and heart-healthy Mediterranean-style Diet.

  1. You’ll be able to be a child or spouse again (not just a caregiver)

Best of all, you’ll rediscover the joy of being a child or spouse, not just a caregiver, as the burden of constant caregiving is lifted. The priceless transformation in dynamics can allow you to embrace your role as a loving family member and rekindle a fulfilling relationship with your loved one once again. And that’s the ultimate benefit for your loved one, too!

To see if Park Springs is right for your loved one, contact us to schedule an onsite tour today.

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